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My name is Diederik, and I’m the inventor of KiteboardTag.
While dealing with tangled lines I lost my board at sea, after walking up and down the beach for about 2 hours, I wasn’t able to find my board again. 
I had written my name and number on it, so I had good hope that someone would find it and give my a ring.
The board was never seen again, at least not by me…
After this costly experience I bought another board, determined to not lose this one, I searched online for a way to keep track of it. To my surprise there weren’t any affordable or reliable options available

But then, the AirTag was released, and I saw an opportunity. 
I already used these tiny disks on my keys, car, and my girlfriend ;), so why not on my kiteboard? 

The only problem was finding a waterproof and secure way to attach it.
There are enough ways to attach it to bikes, keys and pets, but non for attaching the AirTag to boards.

Luckily, I had some experience with 3D design and had recently purchased a 3D printer for another project. After creating 34 prototypes and a lot of testing, I finally came up with the current product.

Feedback has been very positive so far!
So I hope I solved this problem for you to, so you will Never Lose Your Board (Again)

Happy kitesurfing!

– Diederik

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