• How do I attach the mount to my board
    1. Make sure your board is clean. You can easily remove grease with some washing up liquid, make sure you rinse off all the soap after cleaning
    2. Unscrew the bottom part from the mount
    3. Remove the protective film from the 3m sticker
    4. Place the bottom part with sticker at the required place. Press down firmly to ensure a good bond
    5. Leave the board for about 24 hours to ensure the best bond between board and mount
    6. Insert AirTag into the bottom part with the metallic part to the bottom screw on the top part of the mount. Screw down until you feel a some resistance. You have hit the rubber seal. Continue turning for about another 1/10 turn ensuring a good seal
    7. Go kitesurfing!
  • The top part seems thin, is that correct

    To ensure your AirTag has maximum range, I made the top part as thin as possible while keeping structural strength

  • Does the mount work with an Android tag or Smartag

    In it current form KiteboardTag only works with AirTags, but we are working on a design for Smarttags

  • Do you have a product for Ski's and Snowboards

    Yes! We are currently working on PowderTag, coming soon at www.PowderTag.com

  • Isn't the range of AirTags only 10 meters or 33 feet

    That is correct.
    Most likely you will be kitesurfing with onshore wind, so even with a bit of current your board will wash up on shore, sooner or later.
    As soon as someone who's walking on that beach comes near your board with an iPhone (as of 2023 2.24 billion iPhones have been sold) that iPhone will update the location of your AirTag and by doing that, it will update the location of your board.
    Making it very likely you will recover your board.
    Way more likely than writing your name and number on it or when using an NFC chip.

  • Can't I just use an NFC chip instead

    That is an option.
    But that is basically a fancier way of writing your name and number on your board.
    It is a passive way of recovering your board.
    KiteboardTag in combination with an AirTag gives you an active way of recovering your board, by knowing where your board is, at all times.

  • What is the battery life of an AirTag

    It is about a year.
    So unlike GPS trackers with limited battery life, you can just attach the KiteboardTag and forget about it.
    Once the battery gets low, you'll get an message on your Apple device.
    Simply unscrew the silver part of the AirTag and replace the coin type battery.
    Ikea sells 8 of them for €1,99.
    8 years worth of battery life for two euro's, not a bad deal.

  • What is the KiteboardTag made off

    I use PET to print the KBT, same material plastic bottles are made off.
    This makes them very durable so you will only need one for your entire kitesurfing career, which is better for the environment.
    Want to get rid of it anyway? You can recycle it easily by disposing of it with your other plastic waste.

  • Why do you 3D print KiteboardTag

    As a starting company with a new product I have no clue if there is demand for the product.
    Offcourse friends and family say its amazing, on that basis I could have mass produced 10.000 of them in China.
    (That's the amount it takes to get a reasonable economic per piece price)
    If it turns out I'm unable to sell them, I'm left with a lot of waste, which is bad for the environment.
    Besides that putting 10.000 KiteboardTags on a boat from China isn't that environmental friendly as well.
    By producing enough to meet demand, close to where the demand is, helps reduce footprint.

  • My question isn't in your FAQ

    Feel free to shoot me a message on
    Instagram: @kiteboardtag
    Email: diederik@kiteboardtag.com
    Whatsapp: +31683485534

  • I Can't find my Track and Trace code

    That is correct. In order to offer free worldwide shipping, we use the regular postal system.
    As added bonus this reduces the carbon footprint, our packages join the rest of the regular post, getting delivered by the postman. In most places this means by bike or foot, no (or less) delivery vans!

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