I Can’t find my Track and Trace code

That is correct. In order to offer free worldwide shipping, we use the regular postal system.As added bonus this reduces the carbon footprint, our packages join the rest of the regular post, getting delivered by the postman. In most places this means by bike or foot, no (or less) delivery vans!

What is the KiteboardTag made off

I use PET to print the KBT, same material plastic bottles are made off.This makes them very durable so you will only need one for your entire kitesurfing career, which is better for the environment.Want to get rid of it anyway? You can recycle it easily by disposing of it with your other plastic waste.

Can’t I just use an NFC chip instead

That is an option.But that is basically a fancier way of writing your name and number on your board.It is a passive way of recovering your board.KiteboardTag in combination with an AirTag gives you an active way of recovering your board, by knowing where your board is, at all times.

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